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3 Day @ Home Virtual Retreat 

Multiple Dates Pre-Recorded

&  Live Zoom Sessions

Welcome future High Vibers!

High Viber Virtual Retreat is a curated healing and transformational online wellness experience where you can be anywhere in the world with the connection to the internet to participate from the comfort of your home. This at home virtual retreat consisting of live zoom sessions, pre-recorded classes and course materials breaks up into approximately 4 hours each day, enabling some flexibility to manage with your schedule to go through at your own pace. Even if you miss the live session you can always access it later. And the great thing about this is that you can always revisit this virtual retreat over and over for a life time! Makes it a perfect option for those who can't travel and for someone who needs more flexibility.


A mind, body, and soul immersions featuring online yoga classes, breathwork and meditation classes, energy healing sessions, shamanic healing and rituals, mindful practices, wellness, and a group life coaching session.

Would like to know how to raise your vibrations? How to maintain the higher viberational state so you can create the best version of yourself? 

Increase your personal power = Attracting and manifesting will become a breeze!

When you take High Viber Virtual Retreat you will...


  • Gain more sense of clarity and purpose about your life​

  • Learn all the ways to raise your vibrations to attract and manifest more positive outcomes to your life

  • Learn about foods and lifestyle practice that boost your immune system, assists in self healing and anit-aging.

  • Learn about the chakras, how to increase and work with your intuition

  • Become better at managing your stress, anxiety and learn to observe rather than reacting

  • Let go of your old subconscious programming and upgrade your consciousness

  • Let go of your unwanted habits and create new habits to bring real measurable change

  • Release your traumas and energy blocks

  • Re-wire and re-program your brain for success with powerful Hypnosis, Subliminal Messages and Sound Frequencies.

  • Learn to transform your life by mastering your thoughts

  • Learn to practice yoga, work with your breath and subtle body to tune in and increase "prana" (life force energy)

What's featured in this course

  • Online Yoga Classes 

  • Pranayama (Breathwork) 

  • Sound Healing and Meditations 

  • Energy Healing & Activations 

  • Shamanic Healing and Rituals 

  • Manifestation Class

  • Group Life Coaching session

  • Nutrition & Wellness Class

Community Impact and Contributions through High Viber Retreat
The portion of the revenue will go to fund S.O.L (Seeds Of Life) Foundation's projects in building a sustainable eco wellness sanctuary and retreat center supporting its missions and programs. S.O.L Foundation’s main mission is to make an alternative medicine, holistic healing, therapies and treatments available to economically challenged individuals.

Our Retreat Facilitators and Teachers


Naseem Murakami

High Viber Retreat Founder/Facilitator

Reiki Master


Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Sound Therapist & Musician

  • Facebook
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  • Instagram

Matt Mirshafiee

a.k.a TheYogaMatt

200HR Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor

Retreat Facilitator & Alternative Event Host 

Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

Aspiring Philanthropist

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Deyanira Almanza

220HR KRI/IKYTA Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Sound Healer

  • Facebook
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Mark Pancis

Plant Medicine Expert & Ceremony Facilitator

Conscious Entrepreneur

Branding & Marketing Strategy Consultant

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