About Me


In 2018, I've co-founded Healing Sound Alchemy on a mission to bring more awareness about the Sound Healing.

My true life passion is in philanthropic mission and I'm currently working towards creating a wellness sanctuary: retreat & event space, conscious media production, holistic healing and education center that acts as an hub bringing communities together cultivating a self-sustainable society that is in harmony with the nature's way and make it accessible to those economically challenged, such as foster care youth, veterans, children and women survivors of human traffic and domestic violence. (SOL Foundation)

I have been a life long musician and an artist. My music is now dedicated to creating medicine songs for healing, ceremonies and uplifting our spirits. I produce meditation soundtracks to DJ for Ecstatic Dance. Check out my artist site at NaseemMurakami.com

Namaste! My name is Naseem Murakami and I am a lightworker, an intuitive, an artist, musician, and health & wellness coach.


My passion is to re-connect people with their true essence, which will awaken us to fulfill our highest soul purpose in our lives, so that we all can start the process of healing ourselves as well as the planet.

My Story 

Growing up as a child, I was highly intuitive and spiritual since very young age with the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudiance. After going through my intense spiritual training as a wounded healer in the past 3 decades of my life, 2 near death experiences, and multiple contacts from the divine source, I was prompted to completely change the course of my life and embarked on a path to healing and awakening in service to others. I now dedicate all my works and creations to raise the vibrations of the people.