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New Earth Ascension Diet
Group Coaching

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Me at age 43. From Sick to thriving vegan 10+ years

What's Ascension and why our diet matters?

We are currently experiencing a major timeline split of reality revolving around a shift in consciousness and a higher vibrational frequency for both individuals and the planet. This shift is believed to be a part of humanity's spiritual evolution, leading to a new era of peace, harmony, and enlightenment.

Dolores Cannon, a renowned hypnotherapist and author, popularized the idea of the New Earth through her work in past life regression and communication with higher consciousness. She suggested that as Earth and its inhabitants raise their vibrational frequency, they will transition to a new dimensional reality, leaving behind the old paradigm of fear, conflict, and separation.

The 5D New Earth Ascension is seen as a process of awakening and transformation, where individuals are encouraged to release limiting beliefs and emotions and embrace love, compassion, and unity. This shift is a crucial step in humanity's evolution towards a more conscious and interconnected existence.

We are all called to embark on a journey of personal growth, healing, and spiritual awakening, with the ultimate goal of creating a more peaceful and harmonious world. Our lifestyle and diet are deeply intertwined with whether we are becoming more conscious and aware of our choices or unable to adapt. Aligning our diet and lifestyle leads to bettering ourselves, sustaining our planet, and moving towards the realization of heaven on earth, while being unconscious of our choices fuels the old paradigm full of conflicts, destruction of Earth’s resources, and remaining desensitized and disconnected from nature and our true human essence.

As more solar activity increases and incoming frequency upgrades are upon us, it is extremely vital that we allow ourselves to upgrade within our DNA. The water and foods that we consume really matter during these times. Many people are already experiencing these symptoms, such as sudden changes in diet and appetite, developing allergies to what they used to consume, and health issues that force them to look for change.

I personally went through this over a decade ago with the deep knowing of this transitional time to prepare for ascension and it is one of my duties to help assist people during their transformation.

Activate your Lightbody and support your Ascension process through optimal nutrition!

Discover how to feel and look amazing, buzzing with natural high vibrations, while significantly improving your physical health, emotional well-being, and contributing to a sustainable planet with organic whole foods,

plant-based & living foods.

Welcome to New Earth Ascension Diet Group Coaching!
This program is launching on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2024!



This 12-week program will teach you how to transition from an addictive SAD (Standard American Diet) to thriving on a whole foods plant-based diet and incorporating more raw living foods. The Standard American Diet consists mostly of processed foods and highly acidic meat-based meals. These diets are designed to keep us at low vibrational frequencies, leading to diseases, rapid aging, and deterioration of the body and mind. By upgrading to a whole foods plant-based diet you'll not only experience health and beauty transformations but also improve your overall quality of life. Most importantly, consuming high photonic, high vibrational foods will help accelerate the upgrade of your DNA from carbon-based to Crystalline DNA, making you fully compatible with the higher vibrational 5D reality!

Not only is our consciousness being upgraded, but our bodies must also undergo upgrades to match the higher dimensional 5D New Earth. If you feel drawn to change your diet, detox, and eat more natural, nutritious foods, your inner being is recognizing that ascension is your path, and you should not be left behind in the old paradigm as we’re entering the new age of Aquarius.

Over 12 weeks, you'll learn how to optimally support your health and body without deficiencies. You'll gain the knowledge to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, promote anti-aging, or even reverse aging, and learn to prepare the healthiest yet most satisfying meals for yourself and your family. Group learning increases your chances of success by keeping you accountable and more likely to commit compared to self-guided learning.

Our weekly Livestream session starts May 1st, 7:00PM CST. Replays of all recorded weekly sessions will be available to members with lifetime access to all content in this programs.


New Earth Ascension Diet Group Coaching includes:

  • 12 weekly group live Zoom coaching sessions with access to replays

  • Quick start guide

  • 14 Day Meal plan

  • Juice cleanse & fasting guide

  • Shopping list

  • Money-saving tips

  • Recipes

  • Food combining chart

  • Raw food diet education

  • Sprouting guide

  • Dental health tips

  • Building muscles on a plant-based diet

  • Tips to prevent hair loss

  • Restoring gut health

  • Tips for dining out and eating at social gatherings

  • How to eat healthy when traveling

  • Foods for the chakras

  • Spiritual & cosmic nutrition insights

  • Other helpful guides and handouts

  • Food addiction-busting hypnosis

Have you struggled with any of these concerns about going Plant-based?

Not sure what to eat anymore?

You'll get the meal plan ideas and recipes to set you on the right path immediately.

Concerned about getting enough protein on a plant-based diet?

I'll break down and debunk all the protein myths, showing you how much protein you need, and the clean, ethical protein sources that your body will thank you for in the long term.

How do you actually transition and fight the cravings for addictive foods?

​Am I getting enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while I eat?

This is why I offer mindset coaching with group accountability and support to speed up the process of clearing old limiting beliefs and programming.

Finally understand if your meals are well balanced and meet daily requirements for nutrition and calories in the simplest practical way possible.

You don't have to try and figure things out on your own because I've done the work :)

With so much information overload, misinformation, and fad diet trends out there, you need solid guidance from someone who's been on the journey long term, with real experiences and knowledge backed by transformational results. I'll guide you step by step with accountability and genuine support.

In this 12 week program you'll be able to...

  • Learn what it takes to prepare and eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet.

  • Learn to eat a diverse range of foods, including seasonal and locally grown healthy natural foods.

  • Learn to work with superfoods and supplements as needed.

  • Reverse sickness and disease naturally.

  • Boost your immune system.

  • Experience anti-aging effects.

  • Achieve glowing skin, rid yourself of acne and facial breakouts, and improve your overall aesthetics.

  • Reduce inflammation, excess fat, and remove toxins and parasites from your body.

  • Restore your microbiome and gut health.

  • Heal depression, become more optimistic about life, and maintain better emotional health.

  • Speed up your ascension process.

  • Increase your attractiveness, personal magnetism, and confidence.

  • Increase your prana (ki-power, life force energy).

  • Prevent and heal from sexual dysfunction in men, and improve sexual health.

  • Eliminate PMS, period cramps, and menopausal symptoms, and help restore healthy hormonal balance and womb health in women.

Wait, But There is More!

More powerful tools and resources to help you stay on the right track. My gift to you for joining this program.

1-on-1 private jump start coaching session

Food Prep Tips & Guide

Custom Guided Hypnosis Meditation to reach your ideal body and health goal

EFT mini Video course to fight cravings and unhealthy addictions

Create Your own Meal Plan Food Journal

"I am Sexy, Radiant & Powerful" Self Image Upgrade Workbook

Value Over $2000 with the Bonus bundle for only $999

Hi, I’m AsiRiana, and thank you for visiting this page! At age 49 today, I feel healthier, happier and more powerful than ever to thrive in this lifestyle since I embarked on this journey 16 years ago. From this wealth of experiences, I now have the opportunity to help others transform their health and lives.


My awakening and discovery about consuming subtle energy, full of life force energy versus the death and suffering of sentient beings, has shed so much light on a deeper spiritual understanding about disconnection from the natural world. This disconnection is the root of the chaos and imbalances manifesting throughout the world.


To eliminate suffering from both our lives and on this planet, we must start with what we consume with our minds and through our plates. Everything is interconnected. To inherit the New Earth and raise our consciousness, we must be a vibrational match, choosing love, kindness, and beauty over fear, violence, and disharmony.

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