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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

LeMurian Light Code Activation Sound Bat

Sound Bath Activation with Cacao & Plant Medicine Ceremony

  • $33 or $44 with Hapé
  • Austin

Service Description

✨Join us for a transformative experience through the power of healing sound frequencies with a LeMurian Light Code Activation and Plant Medicine Ceremony✨ What is LeMuria?:🌊 The oldest ancient civilization of the pacific, LeMuria also known as the lost continent of Mu, was once a thriving spiritually advanced paradise and a Heaven on Earth. LeMurians were the guardians and protectors of this planet. They were the original shamans, mystics and healers. They would communicate mostly through sound, tones, and telepathy. What is a Light Code Activation?:💎 It is an energetic activation done through light language or the energetic code transmitted through vibrational frequencies such as sound, light, symbols, geometry and sometimes channeling it through benevolent intergalactic spiritual beings. Similar to Reiki or pranic healing, Only with your permission will it be integrated into your subtle energetic body. Plant Medicine Ceremony: 🍃 We will gather and commune with heart opening cacao. We are also offering Divine Mother Rose Hapé prepared by Nukini Tribe of the Amazon forest to those who are called to sit with this medicine. Hapé is known to purify, cleanse, and open our 3rd eye. It cleanses us from impurities and gives clarity to our mind and spirit. It is a powerful medicine to call upon for protection, set inten