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Infinite Love Heals

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Asiriana rasa

Are you ready to heal & transform yourself? 

It will be my sincere joy and honor to be able to connect with you as your ascension guide, holding space for you to feel safe, welcomed and supported during this time of ascension here on this planet.  I help people reconnect with their true self, to activate for their personal growth, healing and transformation.

We are so much more than just our bodies and minds. Whether you are currently struggling with the imbalances in your physical, emotional, and spiritual body, the time is now to quantum shift your reality for rapid healing, transformation, and experience the manifestation of your higher-self in this 3D world.

During this time of transitioning, it is imperative that you are being awakened into your own intuitive wisdom, reclaim your personal power, and embody the light that you were meant to receive and to upgrade thus choosing the path of ascension into 5D New Earth!

I specialize in intuitive energy healing, mindset coaching, counseling in holistic health and wellness practices to address the energetic distortions and imbalances that's present in our minds, body, spirit, and to guide people back into a more harmonious and empowered state.


My mission is to re-connect people with their true essence, which will awaken them to act upon their higher soul purpose so that together, we can start the process of deep healing and consciousness upgrade as the powerful collective in total alignment with our planetary ascension. 








Virtual Retreats

Join this Ultimate Wellness At Home Experience.​ Learn to Raise your Vibrations and Activate your Full Potential.


Events & Classes

From Sound Bath, Meditation, Reiki, to Cacao Ceremony, check to see what is currently being offered.



Private & Group Sessions

Check to see all in person or group distance healing sessions currently available.


“What I just experienced is beyond my scope of words at this moment…Amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. Thank you. You are divinely connected.”

-K.W.Conway, Utah

“Had some wonderful visions coming yesterday. Reiki work amazingly on my intention. Thank you. ”

-J.G.Roca, California

“Thank you for the Reiki I was able to sit and meditate. I did feel a complete sense of peace stronger than normal thank you.”

-Alexander Luna

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